Stash Report 2012 – Week 41

For the usage figures:  I trimmed down a bunch of HSTs, but I have no project for them, so definitely would not count them as busting.  Just busy work.  For the stashing component:  Two words:  Quilt Show!!  I found some fabric at the vendors and some in the guild’s white elephant booth.  And….(drumroll)….my Alligator quilt won a blue ribbon in its category.

I worked yesterday from open to close and through break down.  Since I have a full-time job, I really can’t contribute in a lot of ways, so devoting the entire Saturday is my way of helping with the show.
Busted this Week:         0.00
Busted year to Date:    141.00
Stashed this Week:      11.50
Stashed Year to Date:  139.75

Net Busted for 2011: 1.25<< Still within my goal>>> 2012 Goal: + /- 25.00

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


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