Scads and Oodles

For years I have made various patterns that require that you lop off the back sides of triangles.  I have faithfully stitched a half an inch from the front seam and lopped off half square triangles to trim up and use again.

Well, the other night the presidential debate was on, and it seemed like a good time to start trimming.  And then the next night I trimmed some more.

I currently have over 1100 half square triangles.  And there are more to trim!  Two different sizes — 1.5 inches (finished 1 inch) and 2.5 inches (finished 2 inches).  There are a lot more  of the smaller triangles.  Does this count as a UFO?  I think not, until I start putting them together and then leave them set again. 

I  am happily taking suggestions on what you would do with these HST. 


6 thoughts on “Scads and Oodles

  1. I had to laugh. The debate’s must not have held your attention very well. I usually use any left over 1/2 square triangles pretty quickly in the next project or two. Usually in a QOV. I use them to make the star points or add to the border. I use them to enlarge blocks. I once used them with a basic pattern that with a larger central block and just by turning the 1/2 sqiare triangles different ways you would have several different blocks of the same size for one quilt.

    You’ve got a gold mine of a treasure there. Have fun

  2. Last week I was “gifted” with a little over 500 HST not sewn together, just cut off and still with its partner. I have sewn them all together, and pressed them open. They measure close to 1 3/4″ each. I noted that Bonnie Hunter’s Spin Cycle in the latest Quiltmaker magazine used a lot of HST. I was also thinking pinwheels. Don’t really know but they are ready to have something done with them. Joanne

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