Gadget Challenge – September

Last year I bought the Double Wedding Ring die  for my Accuquilt Studio cutter.  This last week I  unwrapped it and used it.

It was actually quite humorous as I was upstairs in my sewing loft and the five die set is wrapped quite well with paper, shrinkwrapped coverings and then taped together with shrink-wrapped tape.  As I was pulling the tape off it makes a weird sound–kind of like a jet engine.  After a few minutes of pulling off the tape, stopping, starting again, my husband yelled up to ask if I was making that noise.

Then I selected the fabrics, did the cutting and started piecing the arcs.  That was really not going well–they looked way too long for the melon pieces.  And then I realized I had used 2 extra arc pieces per arc.  Oops.

Took apart and repieced, and then for lack of something better to do with one, single double wedding ring block, I appliqued it on to a background to use with my other “test” gadget blocks.  Of which, I believe there are now 4.

As far as review, I feel like the arc seems a bit oversized and the next time I make this I will need to use a bit wider seam allowance with my arcs.  Of course, as always with accuquilt, one good thing is that the pieces are always the same exact size–you remove the cutting variances that can occur with rotary cutting.

Have you done any gadget challenge blocks/projeccts?  If so, upload a picture to the Flickr group and post a comment.

After year end, I plan to select a winner–excluding my own.  Which makes your odds pretty good, peeps!



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