UFO Reckoning

Looking at What Judy (www.patchworktimes.com) chose ast this month’s UFO, I did a little UFO reckoning.  Over the past several years, I have been whittling down my UFOs.  At present I have only TWO long-term UFOs.  One from about 2002, the other from about 2005.  The other one is only about year old.  That’s right, I have THREE UFOs.  Lots of orphan blocks, but not so many UFOs.

This is great for someone who, a couple of years ago was in the 30s for her UFOs.  That was too many!  And it has taken me a while.  A couple I gave away, used for backings, etc., but I am now much more manageable.  Now, I have a couple of things I have started recently, but……I don’t count it as a UFO until it has sit for a few months.  And right now, I don’t seem to have any of those.

How about you?  Are you getting your UFOs under control?

Now I might think about looking at orphan blocks and some scraps……


One thought on “UFO Reckoning

  1. I am green with envy… I haven’t updated my ufo list recently but it is in the 30s. (Or at least I hope that is all I have!)

    In March you posted a great X Block quilt that I love. Could you let me know which set of lines you cut your 9 patches on? I’m hoping to work on these blocks at a retreat at the beginning of October. Thanks…

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