Stash Report 2012 – Week 35

Sometimes you just feel like life is out to get you.  Lately it has been that way.  My daughter and her fiance returned to Louisiana.  There has been some hurt there on both sides.  I have tried to contact her, but in over a week, she has not contacted me.

Yesterday I went out to mow the lawn.  The mower has been harder and harder to start.  Taking about 30 pulls on average to start.  Yesterday it took 49.  Then I mowed about 10 feet, it squealed, and stopped.  It sounded to me like the sound you get when you get threads wrapped around the vacuum cleaner head (not that that ever happens to quilters).  So I looked to make sure the belt was attached and tried to turn the blade–it was “bound up” as my dad would have said.  So then my husband hauled the mower in to be serviced, and brought home a rental (because the subdivision HOA is not very forgiving about high grass).  While he was gone my son called and his car had done pretty much the same thing as the lawnmower.    Final analysis:  the engine is blown.  Repairing would cost about $4000.  The car would then be worth about $2000.    Or, we can try to buy a used car.  Now that’s always a fun adventure, right?  In the meantime, my son is trying to come up with a plan to get to his classes and back this week.

But while my husband was running round, I did get to work on the row-by-row quilt (see previous post).  And since that was someone else’s quilt, it made no impact in the fabric.  But at least I did some sewing.

Busted this Week:         0
Busted year to Date:    129.25
Stashed this Week:       0
Stashed Year to Date:  113.75

Net Busted for 2011: 15.50<< Still within my goal>>> 2012 Goal: + /- 25.00

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


4 thoughts on “Stash Report 2012 – Week 35

  1. Some weeks do seem to go like that don’t they? I had a similar one involving a week flat on my back, a visit from the fire department and a dead computer, but I’m praying this week goes better. I’ll keep you in my prayers as well.

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