July (late) Gadget Challenge

I did it, I just didn’t post it!  DUH!  So how will you ever know?  In fact, I already showed it to you on my Hearts Quilt post.  I used my Accucut chisel die to cut many of the hearts.  Of course, I didn’t make them ALL, so I didn’t cut them all, but the point of the challenge was to use a tool I wasn’t using.  I had only used the die once before.  To make a block.  So now, I’ve made a few more.

How about you, dig any of your tools out of your drawer/closets in July?  I know August is more than halfway over, but hey, if you did it, let’s celebrate it!



2 thoughts on “July (late) Gadget Challenge

  1. We seem to all be lacking in posting about our gadget use! Is there a way to get us organized? I just looked at the Flicker group (and posted a picture! finally!) and not much going on there either. I love the idea tho of seeing what everyone is doing and gadgets being used.

    Your Heart Quilt is lovely and a heart-felt gift.

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