Hearts Quilt

A while back I showed you this top–well here it is quilted and bound.  All that remains is a label.  The blocks were made by a group of four of us–a pair of sisters, a sister of the intended recipient, and me.  Each year we go to retreat and room together.  We are all adopted sisters.  When one sister was ill, I thought it would be nice to make her a quilt.  She is the most distantly located, so except for her blood sister, none of us were able to visit.

I raided my pinks and came up with a backing, keeping with the scrappy look of the front.

Take a close look at quilting–I used a pattern called Bountiful Feathers which I ordered from Urban Elementz.  It has quickly become one of my favorites.  And Urban Elementz also was also kind enough to let me exchange the pattern when I stupidly ordered it in the wrong size.  Don’t know where my brain was.  It was totally my fault–which I told them–that I had ordered the pattern so large that my machine head could not cover a row.  So they allowed me to return the unused pattern and apply the price to my new, custom order. (Notice:  I did not say free.  I, of course, had to pay the shipping, as it was my fault.)  And I have been happily quilting my feathers ever since.  I just love it when you get great customer service.  🙂  It is so rare these days.

What have you been sewing.?


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