The Mystery is Complete

This week I completed the binding on my latest mystery for my group MysteryQuilts4Military.  My timing was perfect as I completed quilting and stitching down the binding, just in time for the “big reveal” on the site.  This is one of my simpler mysteries.  I offered two border finishes, and I used the simpler one on my sample (I have used the same optional border before–it has not gone untested).

I also traveled down to Louisiana and helped my daughter come back for the break between her summer and fall sessions.  So that was two full days I was traveling.

And then there is the poison ivy.  I figure I was exposed on Saturday, first breaking out Monday.  Now it seems I have new spots every day.  Warning–the picture is pretty bad.  It has started to blister up and one blister in particular is about the size of a quarter.  The whole area is swollen, but it doesn’t itch.  It just feels like my leg is on fire.  Nothing has made a dent in this stuff so far.  Am considering calling the doctor’s office, but as a kid I had poison ivy so many times and I know the best healer is just time.  


3 thoughts on “The Mystery is Complete

  1. Your mystery quilt is beautiful, I haven’t had time to start mine yet, I have been trying to get some of my other sewing out of the way.
    Did you know that you can get poison ivy rash from the plant even after it is dead and all dried up? When working out in the yard we all must be careful when dealing with weeds. I hope your rash clears up quickly.

  2. I recently, @ doctor 2 wks ago, I assumed ivy/oak rash. Sure I wasn’t aware of exposure, but thats not unusual. Legs, knees, arm, rash between fingers. Suddenly the hand went out of control. Huuuuuge blisters, where # 3 & 4 touch, ran full length. Hand on fire, palms everything. Was soooo ugly. Doctor says, “scabies.”

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