The 12,000 Yard Cone of Thread

First off, the last three posts I have made have been (mostly empty) stash reports  I’ll try to do better, but am headed out of town this week to bring my daughter back home between her summer and fall sessions–so it’s probably not a good time to get ambitious.  So today, I’ll just talk about thread.

I’m not entirely sure where it came from, but I have a 12,000 yard cone of thread.  I think it was gifted to me for making QOV.  I soon found out that my quilting machine was not in love with this thread.  It’s cotton, but it just doesn’t mesh well in my quilting machine.  It does piece together without a problem and seems to be pretty low lint  So I have been using the 12,000 yard spool of thread for every project with which the color was compatible for about 2 years now.   And sometimes even when it is not–for example, the bobbin when sewing on bindings.  Since the binding covers that stitching anyway, the color doesn’t matter.

It is a light gray-ish blue, so the color definitely doesn’t go with everything!  Darks don’t work, and white whites don’t work either.  But by now, it has become somewhat of a personal challenge to me to use up that cone.  I think it is down to about a 3,000 yard spool of thread.  What about you?  Something in your sewing room that nags at you?


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