Mystery 28 is on the Move

Was doing a little surfing when I found a new mystery posted on Alicia’s blog:

I laughed when I saw this, because of course, this is MY mystery group ( and for some reason I forgot to mention on the blog here that I had started Mystery 28.  This mystery is one of my “simpler to piece” ones.  Although I always try to keep them beginner-friendly, I’m sure some of them are a little more effort for beginners than others.  This one should be about a 2 on my beginner scale (1-4, with 1 being easiest). Just want to emphasize this is not something I’ve been putting in writing (although I don’t know why not!), but I have always mentally stepped back and said “OK, how hard will a new quilter find this?”

It is not too late to join.  The cutting instructions were just posted.  Go to the group link above to join the group.

This group was originally founded by Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times, who did mysteries 1 & 5.  We have had a couple of guests authors.  It originally was just for “Quilts of Valor”, but then I opened it to military quilts, as there were quite a few military quilt groups springing up.  The size is generally appropriate for QOV, although you might need to add/change a border.

And of course, those of you who are following my blog know that sometimes I say I made quilt tops or backings but can’t post them now….well this is why.  I am always making mysteries.  And to keep them mysterious, the pictures don’t get posted until after the mystery has been revealed on the group.

Hope you are staying cool!


One thought on “Mystery 28 is on the Move

  1. Thanks so much for all the work you do making the mysteries. I have taken Alcia’s challege of making 12 QOV for the year. I’ve been using your older mysteries for the quilts. So again know that I don’t post often that your hard work is truely appreaciated.

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