April/May Gadget Challenge Update: Success!

In April, I used my puppy die, but didn’t actually get around to doing the buttonhole stitching on it that would have made the block done.  Well this month at quilt camp, I did!  In fact, I did 30 of them.  I also used my paw print die.  That is NOT on my gadget list–but it could have been.  It meets the criteria of 1) purchased before 2012 and 2) never used.  So I will swap it out for something else on my list.

Anyway, these two dies, combined with a bunch of string blocks, I have made this top which I call “Puppies in the Rag Bag”.  I have had this one in my head for over a year.  You see, when I was a child we had dachshunds–a breed likes to burrow.  And whenever my mom and I would sort laundry in piles on the floor, you would turn around and find a tail sticking out.  It brought some fun and laughter to a tedious job, and is a favorite childhood memory.

One of my boxers now always has to lay on top of the laundry piles, and it always brings a smile to my face.  So 30 appliqued dogs and 22 appliqued paws later, I now have a quilt that not only brings back a favorite childhood memory, but is framed in fabrics from some of my favorite projects.


10 thoughts on “April/May Gadget Challenge Update: Success!

  1. I love your quilt because it looks really nice and it has such a special story. Dogs are so much fun to have as friends even when we grow up. Thank you for sharing.

  2. “I just finished a top with gobs of string piecing.”….loved this description, so I had to come see it. Love the quilt, but love that you have memories to associate with it.

  3. I love your quilt, I have had black and tan Dachshunds all my life both standard and now minitures (lighter to lift in my old age) your discription of them and the washing is Soooooo right, Dachsund traits are so strong.
    Love them
    Marie Qld Australia

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