Getting Things Done

I’ve been trying to finish up a lot of things lately.  Finished quilting 2 Quilts of Valor, a third is on the frame, Finished this quilt for our Guild’s silent auction at our October quilt show.  Another member, Merle Clifford, made the top.  I quilted it with a panto called “Fay Feathers” and bound it.  I think the pink quilted feathers make a very dramatic top.  As I said, it will be for sale in October at our Guild’s silent auction.

Also quilted that baby quilt I made using the X-block rulers.  Another half an hour or so and the binding will be turned, ready to go to a friend.  Also, still working on my Alligator quilt.  I left lots of ends that needed to be buried.  And had to requilt a few areas I missed/messed up.  A few hours left on that, and then I will be ready to bind it.

I also mentioned that I was participating in a row-by-row quilt for our guild.  The way these work is that you start by making a row, then you pass a box with your row and fabric to another quilter, who adds another row.  There will be 8 rows when completed.  Last weekend I added my “May” row.  We swapped the quilts Monday, so I am currently working on my “June” row.

Also, another biggie was some pickup/cleanup in my sewing room.  Lots of hours involved in that and I am pleased at some progress.  But still needs a ways to go.  And I have to pack up for retreat next weekend.  Yes, I have been doing a lot, but am glad to be marking things off my list.

How about you?  Are you making progress that pleases you?


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