What Does This Look Like?

Since I really wasn’t able to freehand quilt last weekend, I whipped up a quick top for the local rescue group where I got my two dogs.  Does the center block look like a boxer to you?  My husband doesn’t think so, but I think it DOES look like a natural-eared boxer.

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “What Does This Look Like?

  1. I love the pattern. The realr liegs strike me more as a Doberman, but what do I know. My babies are Cocker Spaniels and one is an animal shelter dog. Abandoned at about 12 years of age probably after a life time of breeding. They should love this.

  2. As the owner of two natural ear boxers, yes – I think it looks mostly like a boxer. Mine boxers are more square, but I definitely see boxer in this!

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