Stash Report 2012 – Week 15

Was on vacation this week, and even though I did visit 2 quilt shops in Orlando, I just wasn’t feeling the “shop and drag home thing”.  I bought a pattern.  Although I was pretty disappointed in it when I got home, so I may decide to do another giveaway.

You can help me with next week’s stash report and with my UFO progress by volunteering to take on this month’s UFO.  I want someone to take it who will promise to finish it into–something finished.  I just don’t want another UFO out there in UFO land.  When it finds a new home, it will be off my UFO list and also out of my stash yardage count.  And hopefully, soon become something wonderful.  Anything finished is wonderful, right?

I did cut out one binding and sew it on a quilt when I got back, or everything would show zeroes, but here is my stash report.  Still staying within my goal of not significantly changing my stash amount (plus or minus 25 yards):

Busted this Week:        0.25
Busted year to Date:   61.25
Stashed this Week:       0.0
Stashed Year to Date: 69.75

Net Stashed for 2011: 8.50 <<<< Still within my goal>>>>> 2012 Goal: + /- 25.00

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


2 thoughts on “Stash Report 2012 – Week 15

  1. Hi Nancy, I would love to give your UFO a new home! I can see it framed and hanging on my sewing room wall 🙂 could I trade you something you would be needing?

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