Goodbye, Old Friend

I won this adirondack chair and footstool–probably the first year after we moved to South Carolina.  So it has been with us almost 20 years.  My husband painted it, and we kept it as best we could, but the wood has grown soft, and there is some fungus-type stuff growing in several places.  It hasn’t been sat on in a year.  Right now, my husband is outside cutting it up to throw it in the trash bin.  It is one more piece of my life in South Carolina that is going by the wayside.  And it makes me a little sad.  I remember sitting on it with my dogs Casey, Tara, and Mugsy, all of which are gone now, and my children, when they were small enough to sit in my lap.   And they are elsewhere now, too.

And yes, those are my husband’s bird legs in the background.


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