Do You Want Me?

NEWS FLASH:  Found a couple of strips of the red fabric that will be forwarded on to the giveaway winner.

Second time I am writing this post. The first post disappeared. Except for the title. This has happened to me once before, but this time I have no idea what I wrote. I made this 18 inch feathered star block in a class by Nancy Johnson-Srebo at Ginny Beyer’s camp on Hilton Head Island.  I have no instructions, no matching fabrics, just fond memories of the day spent with a friend of mine travelling to Hilton Head and participating in the class.  I don’t need the block.  And I don’t need to finish it.  But I don’t want to throw it away.

Here’s the deal.  If you are willing to agree that you will finish this block (back of a jacket, purse, wallhanging, quilt, I don’t care, but you MUST agree to finish it–and hopefully, send me a picture so I can share it on my blog–or a link to your blog–or whatever), leave a comment by Sunday midnight EST–starting with the word “YES”.  Sometime Monday I will use the old random number generator to pick a winner. The thing is, I don’t just want my UFO to be someone else’s UFO. That goes nowhere.
If you want to leave a comment on this post, but NOT be entered, start your post with the word “NO”.

As for vacation, I am glad to be back.  We went to Universal Studios in Florida, and I am happy to report that I will never go there again!  Not going off on a rant, but I can point you in the direction of various rants that sum up my feelings entirely.  I am back from my vacation and have actually found my way to my sewing room today and started working on various unfinished projects.  However, since I was gone almost all week, don’t expect much in the way of progress on tomorrow’s stash report.

Now remember, on this post, all comments must start with “YES” or “NO”.    Now, go sew!


28 thoughts on “Do You Want Me?

  1. No. Why don’t you just add a border and finish it and send to your friends as a reminder of your time together. I totally hear you about Universal Studios. I went to the one in Hollywood and never again!

  2. NO
    Thanks to everyone who has responded that I should finish it for the local women’s shelter or something. You might want to check out my previous post “Lack of UFO Progress and Other Embarrassing Stuff” for reasons why I don’t want to do that right now. 🙂

  3. Yes I am interested! It is beautiful and would make a very cute pillow front or front of a tote bag! It would best be utilized in a quilt for out infusion therapy department for patients who get chilled while getting chemo, antibiotics or other meds. Sure I would love to make a home for it!

  4. Yes. It is a very lovely block and is large enough to make a tote bag or a pillow front. I have been looking for a small project to do to have a rest from the larger ones I am working on.

  5. Yes, I am interested. I have always wanted to make a feathered star but shyed away from it because of the angles. It looks difficult. I would use it as a center for a bed quilt for my daughter.
    Candy Buria

  6. YES …I finally was able to register …this winter star would be perfect to compliment the winter redwork scene I just finished last December …I still have to make red and white stars …and this feathered star would be stunning in the top
    hugs from Brussels ….PS I would swap for chocolates if that is good for you?

  7. Yes, I would love to have it. I would ‘most likely’ use it as the start of a quilt and build outward with it, then donate it to a charity. But maybe not. Might use it for me.


  8. Yes. You’ve stirred an idea in my mind with your post; wouldn’t it be neat to organize a Round-Robin and treat the block as the center/medallion? I know it’s most likely too late for your to take this on (if you wanted to?); Sunday has arrived. BUT, if I am randomly chosen, I will attempt this Round-Robin idea and donate the final quilt to Alycia’s cause (I see you have her in your bloglist) :0)

    • Yes,
      Amy if you make this into a Round Robin quilt for charity, I’ll volunteer to quilt it for you, for the final round. I’ve always wanted to quilt one, but not necessarily piece one.

  9. Yes, I would love to have it. All my quilting time is spent for the “Quilts for Kids” charity. I have one volunteer who loves to take orphan blocks we receive and turns them into beautiful kids quilts. Kendra

  10. No

    I really would like this block but have to be honest with myself and you that it would be a UFO in my house also. This is a favorite pattern of mine but I have not attempted one yet.

    Susan R.

  11. Yes it would make a wonderful center for a quilt out of orphans. I collect orphans off the free table at guild meetings and when I have enough (I have enough for the next quilt now.) I make a quilt from them and donate it to the local outreach program here in my small town. It makes a warm quilt for a small child.

  12. Yes. Would love to win this block for our little quilt club who makes quilts for those who lose their homes to fires. We are all elderly and on limited incomes, so sometimes it gets a little dicey trying to get these quilts made. We are behind now and trying to catch up so anything is welcome. We will always do something with it to fit it into a quilt.

  13. Yes. It looks like you have plenty of takers. I passed it by yesterday but could not get it off my mind. I see it as a round robbin. Shirley

  14. Yes! I will make a pillow cover out of it! Long story about puppy who chewed up my pillow tops, now grown so I put out Christmas pillows that are still on my couch awaiting my inspiration to make everyday covers for them.

  15. Yes, it would make a lovely, elegant center for a scrappy quilt. It would not become a UFO at my house! I would probably never attempt this quilt block, so definitely would treasure having one to use in a quilt! (I’ve never been to Universal, but heard it’s not as clean or well-organized as Disney which everyone compares it to.)

  16. Yes!!! Absolutely love your feathered star and I have been wanting to make a red and cream quilt for a while even have 20+ pages of 2 1/2″ half square triangles made using triangulations papers just waiting for the inspiration to turn them into a quilt.
    I know your feathered star block would be the perfect center block that would indeed be the catalyst needed to finally make my red and cream quilt!!!!
    My only child just moved out on her own to a city that is 8+ hours away, if she likes the idea it would be her quilt for her very first apartment. I am so proud of her and yet miss her terribly, I think this quilt would convey both messages.
    Thanks for the opportunity and inspiration!!

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