Lack of UFO Progress and Other Embarrassing Stuff

Well, I checked in at Patchwork Times, and before I did so, I already knew that I had not finished my UFO for February and March.  I have beeen working on the same UFO (or not working very much) for the last two months.  I have finished the applique and finished the first border, and made the backing.  That was more than I had done on it in the previous 5 years.  I feel good about that.

Judy has drawn #10 for April, which is a feathered star.  The feathered star is complete.  That’s it, just one block that is 18″ or so.  I have no clue how to finish that quilt.  And here is yet another quilt that is a long, long, way from being finished.  At least no applique this time  <sigh>.  Unfortunately, I have things on my list that will require a lot of work–probably 40 or more hours each–to complete.  I don’t even know how much I have put on my alligator and it still isn’t even quilted.  And actually, there’s one more border I wanted to add……..

What have I been doing?  Well, I looked and I have quilted 14 quilts this year.  11 of them were not for me.  They were for quilts of valor, local children’s hospitals, guild silent auction, etc.  So I have allowed myself to be sidetracked by other concerns to, practically, the exclusion of everything else.  Not that I regret helping others, but somehow I need to get a little more time for me.

Now it is dinner time and I must head out with my husband, as we are on vacation and I am boring him to death by playing with my computer <grin>.  So how do I find some life balance?  Please anyone, any advice?


4 thoughts on “Lack of UFO Progress and Other Embarrassing Stuff

  1. Hi Nancy
    If I remember right you are working on a new mystery qult for another group as well as one for our group also, in addition to all that you have mentioned above as well as committing yourself to try a new tool and finish your UFO’s.

    I know how good it feels to be so wanted. Especially if it was in my case once when teen-agers make mothers feel so unneeded. Don’t you love how they can roll their eyes and say Mom!

    Finding time for yourself is much like making a budget. Instead of putting your savings first, put the amount of time you need first for yourself. Instead of working on a UFO that bores the heck out of you at the moment, such as the alligators tooth, get excited with something you have wanted to try but put off because you felt guilty about the UFO’s.
    You could award some of those unfinished projects to someone else as a prize for the the mystery quilt. Tension gone!! I’d love that feathered star.

    Most of all when someone asks you to do something, think about it a couple of days and if you feel that panic comeing up, learn to say no. Do it gently saying that you wish you were able to but you don’t have the time. You don’t have to give a reason, just say am not able to take it on. I hope you won’t do it mid mystery though. The girls are so excited about it and we have all this cut material.

    I’m making 3 quilts from your mystery this time. I’m so excited about the possibilietes with them. Each one seems to be growing it’s one personality already.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I found myself in this same situation last year. A group that I had worked with for years quilting their tops called and asked if I had time to do a few quilts. The few quilts that was brought over totaled 19! I usually did 4 a month for them. I was upset.I felt like they were taking advantage of me. I was working full time and after two months I hadn’t touched anything of mine. It was then I decided that I would quilt 12 donations per year from other people/groups. One a month. I was still providing a service for groups who donate quilts and I was also doing myself a service by giving me more time to make my own donation quilts.

    It was hard in the beginning to say no, but I am much happier with the decision I have made.

    Set a limit to your quilting of donation tops. No one is going to think badly of you if you say no. You will still be contributing to a good cause. You can limit how many donation tops you quilt each month like I did, you can set aside one or two days a month for donation quilts, on a good day and with stippling you can possibly quilt 2-3 tops.

    Also remember that people tend to take advantage of kind hearted people like yourself.

    Enjoy your vacation and forget abut quilting for a few days.

  3. You really do a lot of helping others and perhaps that is most important right now for you – finishing your UFO’s may not be as interesting and believe me, it is sometimes a struggle for me to tackle my own due to lack of interest. Just do not beat yourself up if you decide to set a limit of only doing three donation quilts per month. When they understand you have a limit per month and they will have to wait six months to get them, they will then start asking others to pitch in. At least you are not saying NO and that should give you more time to do your sewing. IMHO is all it is from Judy C

  4. You might not have finished your UFO’s but at least you are making progress. Perhaps you should cut your list down and give each project a longer time slot as you sound like you are working on complex quilts. Keep going!

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