Gadget Challenge: March Update

This month I really didn’t want to do the Gadget Challenge.  I’m being honest here.  I have extended myself too much.  I have been working on 2 mysteries–one for my online group (yahoo group:  MysteryQuilts4Military) and one for the Quilters of South Carolina fall retreat.  And then I had to make 2 class samples.  One of them is quilted, the other top is complete.  I also volunteered to quilt a couple other quilts for guild projects.  One of them is quilted.  The other two I have made and prepped the backs for.  And I elected to start on a row-by-row quilt.  I did my row and passed it on, and completed the first row for the first quilt that was passed to me.

So I have had enough on my plate.  But then the challenge.  And if I don’t do MINE, everyone will know.  Oh boy.
I had decided I wanted to use that X block ruler (#6 on my list), but it is just not conducive to a 12 inch block.  And I had this baby quilt I needed to make (not on the above list, but nonetheless, one that I need to do).  So I dug out a bunch of fabrics and started cutting.  Last night I assembled to the top.    So while I aim for a 12 inch block each month, this month I was an overachiever.

A little ruler review:  It was easy to use, but I’m not completely sold on whether I like the blocks.  Definitely cute for a baby quilt.  And you should definitely starch the heck out of them, because the edges will all be bias.  Anyway, fun to try something different for a change.

Did you try one of your rulers/gadget/tools that you bought (BEFORE 2012)?  If so, post a picture in our Flickr group


6 thoughts on “Gadget Challenge: March Update

  1. This is darling. I am in a group where we do blocks for each other with either fabric sent us or color choices. I was going to have the gals make blocks I could use my X Block ruler… but I couldn’t see not using the same fabric for the quilt pattern I had and wasn’t all that excited about the other pattern I have. Thanks for the inspiration. You must have used 4 colored blocks and 5 white blocks. Lovely. I’m stealing your idea! Thanks.

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