What I CAN Show You

I can’t show you the mystery quilts I am making (yet), but I can show you the “sample” for my mystery quilt. The sample will be hung at registration, and on the classroom door.  I own a Fedora and a trenchcoat that I use for mystery quilt classes, and yes, I  even own a full-size replica of the Maltese Falcon.  Perhaps a bit over the top, but it makes the class more fun!



6 thoughts on “What I CAN Show You

  1. Oh that’s too cute!!! I’ll bet your mysteries are a great lot of fun! We do a few mysteries at my guilds and I just love them. I don’t always like the quilts I end up with, but I just love the fellowship and camaraderie, sitting and sewing away with good friends and lots of snacks etc.! I always use fabrics that I like but will not miss if I decide to give the quilt away. Have fun!!!!

  2. I just saw this post. That is such a clever idea. Did you design your little figure quilt? I love mystery quilts especially if I can use my stash. I’ve finished 4 of them and only one was so-so.

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