Trash Talkin’

Yesterday I dropped off a couple of quilts for a LOCAL quilt show.  One did not have a hanging sleeve because typically small quilts don’t have a hanging sleeve.  And, I’ve never actually seen a small quilt with a hanging sleeve that was actually HUNG by the hanging sleeve, have you?????

Today I got an email that states that they are refusing my quilt, unless I go sew a hanging sleeve on it.  Now, I’m more than a little miffed about this.  One, they sent scads of emails encouraging people to enter.  Two, they again encouraged us at the guild meeting to enter and pay a late fee.  And I did.  Three, this quilt has been shown before–sans hanging sleeve.  Four, this guild just ticks me off in general.  I can actually count on one hand the number of people who have made me feel welcome and have three fingers left over.  And I think it is just horrible that they charge guests a $5 fee to attend a meeting.  Apparently, their concept of guest and mine are different.

Ok, so I should have attached a hanging sleeve.  But this isn’t Paducah or Houston, it’s a local show.  I think there may be a bit of a megalomania outbreak here.  I have worked on quilt show committees many years and we judged everything–everything– that came in the door.  Even the ones with cat hair, completely miscategorized, loose threads, no sleeves, unusable sleeve, no labels, uncovered labels, visible quilting marks, everything.

I am so sure this is unncessary, that if they ACTUALLY hang the quilt by its sleeve, I’ll give away a fat quarter bundle here on my blog!  I will go to the show, check and report back!  Check back in a couple of weeks…….

Dear local quilt guilds:  If you want people to enter your shows, don’t make requirements that really aren’t necessary (do you REALLY need the form in triplicate?  what do you really need that picture for?  do miniature/small quilts really need a sleeve? )


5 thoughts on “Trash Talkin’

  1. I hear ya! I gave up the quilt guild when the rules & obligations got to be too many. Fun went out the window. I’ll be watching for your answer to your own question about if that sleeve was really necessary. And, I’m looking up your mystery quilt group.

  2. THEY CHARGE GUESTS?? Boy–are they an unfriendly group! Never heard of that ever before.

    I’ve seen most small quilts displayed–perhaps on tables or just pinned to other quilts that were hung. NONE of the quilts (in my local quild) ever needed a sleeve–they were clothes pinned to horizontal rods.

    triplicate forms??

  3. Yikes. . . someone really does have some rules there. The only one I can shine light on is the required photo. This info comes from a guild I belong to in Maryland. Photos are required for the insurance that is purchased for the quilts while hung at the show. (They do have insurance don’t they?) And, the hanging committee at this guild uses the photos to place the quilts. Each area gets a layout of where the quilts should be placed and the worker bees actually put them in place on the set up day. The only way my group would charge for guests is when we are paying the big bucks to bring in a speaker.

  4. In my area (greater Boston) it is standard practice to charge guests to attend meetings, usually $3, $5 on speaker nights. I’ve never heard anyone complain. I do agree with you about the friendliness of different guilds, I belonged to one guild for 13 years and never felt like I belonged. I finally dropped it when I found a guild that welcomed me (to their retreat, no less!) before I was even a member.

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