Stash Report 2012 – Week 9

I must admit this looks bad.  But keep a few things in mind:
1) I have a relatively small stash.  My goal for the year is to stay plus/minus 25 yards.  I am still within that goal.
2) My stash lacks yardage (last time I made a back I used ten different fabrics).  This was my primary purchase.
3) I also needed to purchase for a specific class sample I needed to make.
4) I purchased sale and/or the most reasonably priced fabrics I could find.

So, even though it looks like I went on a buying spree, it was a well-considered shopping trip to enhance the stash.  I admit, there are a couple of smaller purchases that were not so well thought out, but in general, I think they will enhance, rather than just increase, my stash.

Busted this Week:                  2.00
Busted year to Date:              35.75
Stashed this Week:                19.75
Stashed Year to Date:            49.25

Net Stashed for 2011:    13.50
2012 Goal:                 + /- 25.00

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


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