Stash Report 2012 – Week 6

This week was a week of work.  I honestly didn’t get much done once I finished the binding on Orca Bay.  Went to a guild meeting on Wednesday, and Friday and Saturday made a scrappy backing, cut binding,  and quilted that jelly roll quilt.   Once you sew the strips end to end, there are 5 seams.  I decided not to show a picture of mine, because I bought a jelly roll from Ebay to make this and didn’t realize there were only 5 fabrics in it.  So, it is not as attractive.  I put a 3 inch border around it when complete.    I made this quilt because 1) I have to make a cuddle quilt for the local women’s shelter anyway
2) As an example of what we can do on a workshop day so that other members can make their quilt to fulfil the above requirement.

Now, as to the stash situation.  I had picked up a QOV to quilt last weekend when I was visiting my old hometown (I take them to quilt and eventually return them).  Well, I should have looked in the bag.  What was in there was not one top, backing and binding, but TWO slightly undersized tops.  So……yesterday I ran to a local store and purchased fabric for an extra border, backing. and maybe binding for both tops.  Then I threw that fabric in the washer for a quick wash.  Pulled it out of the dryer late last night.

So, even though I am in “NET STASHED” territory at the moment, that will most likely change before the end of the week (perhaps even the end of this day).

Busted this Week:                    4.50
Busted year to Date:               22.75
Stashed this Week:                 10.50
Stashed Year to Date:            28.50

Net Stashed for 2011:    5.75
2012 Goal:                 + /- 25.00

At the moment, I feel like I have my stash under control.  Are you in control of your stash?  To see more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


4 thoughts on “Stash Report 2012 – Week 6

  1. Nancy, my stash is like my 4 dogs especially Lorenzo. Sometimes you wonder who is in control of who. I think the stash is letting me be in control right now but don’t know how long that will be.

    • Actually, after adding borders and making backings this morning, at the moment I AM in the black–just finished using 7 yards! Next week’s report should be fun!

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