Gadget Challenge: January Update

For my Gadget challenge, I have decided to use red, white, and blue fabrics.  Since I’m making this up as I go along, it’s probably going to be scrappy red, white, and blue for the 12 blocks I complete this year, using my unloved gadgets, rulers, dies, and what-have-yous (scroll through my Gadget Challenge topic).  For each month, I will be using one of my gadgets to create a 12 inch block (12.5 inch unfinished).  Those will then be combined into a single quilt top at year end.

For the month of January, I selected the #12 item on my list–my 2.5 inch Accuquilt strip die.  All but 5 of these pieces were made using that die.  Well, I could have done 4 others from it as well, but I have another way to do half-square triangles.  And I just couldn’t make myself try to do it from strips.

Let me know if you like my block–I call it “Fractured Star”.


6 thoughts on “Gadget Challenge: January Update

  1. It’s a beautiful block. So did you find it easier using this tool? Or do you prefer using the 1/2 squared triangle method?

  2. Cutting the strips with the strip die was easier–if I had many blocks to do this would be a significant time savings.

  3. Your block turned out so nice. I hope to send you a picture of my block. I am just learning how to put stuff on the computer. I’m a very late bloomer. Jessie

  4. That is a great block, Nancy! I will be followiing you on this blog journey!
    Thanks for sharing, Cathy vJ in MA

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