Orca Bay: On the Frame

I finally received the thread and pantograph I ordered to quilt my Orca Bay quilt.  So, at last it has made it onto my quilting frame.  If I didn’t work full time,  I’m sure I could make short work of it, but as it is, I quilt a while, then step away,  go to work,  then come back to it.   So even a pantograph will take a few days.

I am participating in the UFO Challenge at Patchwork Times, where each month she choose a number–she chose #5 for January, which is my Orca Bay.  A big challenge because when she chose it,  I hadn’t finished piecing the top.    And I do have a job which keeps me from quilting whenever I want.

Of course, that is not the only UFO I hadn’t finished piecing.  In fact, on my list 1,2,4, 5, 9, AND 10 have significant work left to piece them.  I felt kind of bad having a UFO list with only 11 UFOs, but some of those UFOs have soooooo much work left.    In addition to working on Orca Bay this month, I have done a little work on a couple of other UFOs and made progress on the string quilt.  I know I won’t have as much quilting time in some other months as I have had this month, so I want to make the most of it.    And I have also started two other projects, which are now small tops ready to be quilted.

At the end of the year, I want to have no more than 2 or 3 projects in process.  Ideally, two.  That may seem ambitious to some of you, but I am not normally a person who likes to leave things undone.  When I started quilting, I would not start a project until I finished the last one.  I spent many years with far too many irons in the fire.  Now I don’t want to feel overwhelmed when looking at my to do list.  Do unfinished projects weigh heavily on your mind?


5 thoughts on “Orca Bay: On the Frame

  1. First of all WOWZA on your Orca Bay…love the colors and that you have made it to the quilting stage (read that please Judy don’t pick the number of my Orca Bay because I need more than a month, lol!) I too am a finisher and was amazed at all I could call UFO’s, though some are really more like WIP’s. I also want to get most of them done and be back to just a few.

  2. I still just love your orca bay. Looking forward to seeing it quilting now. Your very lucky to have a longarm. My UFO this month was My hearts desire quilt. I’m still appliqueing the scalloped border designs. And I don’t have a long arm, so there is no way I could ever get it quilted by end of month. Im pushing for just getting the top with borders completed.

  3. I really enjoy starting new blocks and trying new techniques and I don’t beat myself up if they don”t turn into full sized projects. Sometimes they just go into the orphan block pile to become a scrappy quilt for another time.
    Do I have lots of unfinished projects…of course, do I have lots of projects going on at one time…OH YES, do I finish many quilts each year? An amazing amount.!
    Do I enjoy my sewing time and not let the unfinished projects nag at me?
    I do enjoy the mystery process with a group because it keeps me on task to finish, but I also just like trying new things :0).

    Happy Sewing, love your Orca bay colors :0)

  4. I, too, did my Orca Bay with green as the main color. I kept the blue and neutrals, and used brown, too. I thought I wanted an “earthy” quilt. To me, the finished product looked muddled. When I showed to to gals at the guild meeting, they all loved it. I donated it to our community service group.

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