Gettin’ Stuff Done

So many quilts to do, so little time.  Notice I did not say “sew”.  That’s actually a pet peeve of mine.  Yes, it’s cute.  We’ve all seen it.  I’m over it.

Over the weekend, got a lot of misc sewing done.  Including doing the quilting on these two baby quilts for my friend.  I also have been working on a couple of my UFOs and have made some progress.  All I can say is that the UFOs I have left to work on have LOTS of work to do to finish them.  The ones that I quickly crossed off my list were easily finished.  It did feel good to cross them off my list, and it feels good to have a shorter list, but it also means the ones I have left have a long way to go.  <sigh>

Did you do any quilting over the weekend?


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Stuff Done

  1. I finished sewing a QOV top this weekend. I used 9 patch, and log cabin blocks that I had made from left over material from other QOV’s. Bordered it with 2 rows each of alternating dark red and white stripes on the side and 3 alternating rows on the top and bottom. Bordered then added another border of a pretty blue with pretty stars of red white and blue from the QOV moda collection. Really proud of how it turned out and about 75% of it was from my left over material and 40 percent from one I hadn’t touched yet.

  2. Oh, these baby quilts are pretty. I’ve been trying to think of something to do with children’s monogrammed and smocked clothes. Did you make these quilts or did your friend? I’ve also thought about making purses using the monogrammed and/or smocked pieces. Thanks for the inspiration. No, I didn’t do any quilting this weekend. I finished/gave away 6 quilts over Christmas, so I felt like I accomplished alot then!:) I’m planning a class to teach beginners to piece/quilt a top, trying to clean up my sewing room, piecing my Orca Bay, and mulling over other quilty endeavors. Thanks for sharing…..Sally

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