Gadget Challenge: Update

I officially have two other participants (besides myself) in the 2012 Gadget Challenge!  Way to go girls!  There is Janyce who listed her gadgets on my Gadget Challenge post and Jessie who emailed me.  (Jessie can you leave a comment with the gadgets you are going to try to use?

I started with my 2.5 strip die.  Ok, this is an easy one to start, but I wanted to work my way up do the harder ones, ya’ know…..

So the cutting has begun and I will be showing a block at the end of the month.  I promise.   The bad part is, since I am only doing 12″ blocks this really isn’t going to put a dent in the old stash.  <sigh>  But that’s for another day.  Go Go Gadgeteeers!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Gadget Challenge: Update

  1. Good Morning:
    Here is a my list of gadgets for the 2012 challenge in the order I will be using them:
    1 Companion Angle
    2 Para Block
    3 Creative Ruler
    4 Fun and Done
    5 Twisted Sister
    6 x block
    7 wing clipper
    8 Melon
    10 lemonyne star
    11 square in square
    12 Easy Eights.

    I have started and I will send you a picture soon. Love your orca bay. Jessie

  2. I was very successful with my gadget challenge in January. I used my Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool for the first time and absolutely fell in love with it. So much so that when I knocked it off the cutting table and it broke so that the 1/2″ trimming side was not repairable, I bought a replacement immediately 🙂 This tool really did make it incredibly easy to trim the piping so that I had even seam allowances. Worked great for the piping on my toaster cover. Love, love, love it. And since i love piping, I was also inspired to use the piping foot on my serger – golly gee, that was terrific too! With the serger of course there is no need to trim, but I have uses for both methods in my sewing and quilting. Win Win Now it is on to February and the 1″ strip die. Which I have been using. Love this challenge

  3. I failed to take into consideration the ramifictions of this project–I immediately had to check out this tool and now am trying to decide whether I need one…..

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