Orca Bay: Another Border?

I finished piecing my Orca Bay (www.quiltville.com) mystery today.  I consulted my daughter asking whether or not it needed just one more small border.  She said it did.  So I sewed on purple border on the left side.  Now she wants me to take off the purple border.

What do you think?  Take it off?  Or have 3 borders?


22 thoughts on “Orca Bay: Another Border?

  1. Well, I have my main body of my Orca together.. working on the pieced outer border, but given the fact that I like to make my quilts to actually fit my bed, I have decided to add THREE additional borders.. one in blue, one in red and one in black. Will have to see how it looks, but those are my plans. I love your purple outer border… if it makes you happy, then go for it..

  2. If you don’t add the purple border all that small colored edge is going to get lost when you add the binding. The purple adds Pizazz.

  3. Wow I can’t believe how much that last bit of purple really frames things and holds it all in. I think I may need to look for some more purple for mine. Great idea

  4. I’m another one that really likes the addition of the purple border. So much so, in fact, that when I get back home at the end of this month, and can finish up my Orca Bay project, I’m going to audition another border.

  5. I like the additional border, but I also like it without. However, since it is YOUR quilt, do whatever you like the best and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. It will look great no matter what you do!

    Diane D. in Salt Lake City, UT

  6. I looked back at your previous post , and was amazed at how the quilt pulled together with the borders added, compared to the previous post when it was just a few rows, and it wasn’t working very well. Now it is gorgeous… great job! I may put a border on mine, too…

  7. I think the purple is perfect. The inside neutral triangles blend into the light border and the outside dark traiangles blend into the purple border. Plus, that pieced edge would benefit from some stabilization during piecing. I vote to add it.

  8. It may be a long time between when I finish piecing a top and getting it quilted. Therefore I want to have the outer edge of the quilt stable. I added an outer border to Roll Roll Cotton Boll and will do that to my Orca Bay.

  9. I like the extra purple border. It really frames the quilt. I am only on step 2. It may take me a while to even think about borders.

  10. I would just bind it with the purple since that would add a strip of purple all the way around tying it all together. Another possibility would be to leave a little extra batting and backing and add a slightly wider binding if you wanted to add a little more purple to the edge. If it was my quilt and I wanted/needed to add the purple border, think I would make it wider though and then use the same material for the binding.

  11. My goodness, it is stunning – and I can see hints of circles repeating and repeating. I can’t wait to finish mine. Thanks for encouragement and inspiration with your photo.

    I LOVE the purple border but think it needs to be either larger or a different purple if larger gets overwhelming.

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