My GPS Wants Me to Speed

This post is not about quilting.  It is about travelling–or more specifically–my GPS.  Lola (named after The Kinks hit) is my GPS.  She recently took us back and forth to my family in Indiana.  And I have figured something out.  Lola wants me to speed.

She started by calculating a ten hour trip.  That’s great.  I don’t have a ten hour gas tank.  Or a ten hour bladder.  Or a ten hour stomach.  So I know I am going to stop.  I can actually live with that.  However, as I drive my route and make a turn, I lose a minute.  Stop at a light.  Lose another minute–or two, or three.  Looking at Lola’s arrival time reminds me of Charlie Brown and Lucy when Lucy keeps moving the football.  It’s like I will never get there.

I know that Lola calculates strictly based on number of miles and the posted speed limit for those miles and doesn’t figure in turns (who can take that turn at 55 mph, huh?), or stop lights, traffic, or even <heavens to Betsy!!!> construction zones.  Even knowing all that, It still gnaws at me that the target moves.

And then yesterday, I was driving the speed limit.  Had my cruise set on 65 in a 65 zone.  I even checked Lola.  Even on her display it said I was going 65 and the speed limit was 65.  And then I glanced down and NO!!!!!!!  My arrival time had slipped back a minute.  A half an hour later, same speed limit zone, same cruise, and it had slipped back another minute.


I can no longer pretend that Lola is strictly calculating miles and mph.  There is something sinister at work here.  Maybe Lola’s not bad, maybe she’s just made that way.  But I warn you all–beware of your GPS!


2 thoughts on “My GPS Wants Me to Speed

  1. I’m glad to see that we’re not the only one who have named our GPS. Ours is named Mabel … technically Mabel II because Mabel I couldn’t synch with the satellite … we’d be a full cars length past an intersection in real life, but Mabel would show us just crossing the intersection. We travel a good deal, so we knew that we needed a more reliable GPS and purchased Mabel II and gifted Mabel I to my daughter. 😉

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