Orca Bay: Not Seeing Red

Bonnie said that on her Orca Bay quilt (from the www.quiltville.com mystery), the predominant color would be red (green for me).  Well, after completing step 6, I’m still not seeing red  (green for me). Feels like what I mostly see is purple (which is Bonnie’s black).  I must say the Ohio stars are cute.  I’ve never made them this small.  I think 9″ is the smallest I previously made them.

If I had known the puple wwas the background for some of the blocks I probably would not used quite as much of a range and kept to the darker purples–you can see on sone of my stars that the purple on some of the points of the stars is pretty light.  For the background squares I used the darkest of purples.

How is your Orca Bay coming along?

Check out the progress of others at Quiltville.


7 thoughts on “Orca Bay: Not Seeing Red

  1. Oh my goodness, this is going to be gorgeous. I love your colors. I hope I like mine. I haven’t laid out my colors together yet. I worry I won’t have a “pop” color. Like your purples and yellows. Mine may be a bit boring. LOL

  2. Wow, your colors are stunning! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with the triangle blocks and the small string blocks. Even if that isn’t the way it turns out, that’s one for the quilting note book. Looks great

  3. Oh, I LOVE your colors! I’m using purple and green just like yours with pink where you’re using yellow. And I LOVE your ideas for the yellow strip-pieced blocks and those other triangle things! I think you might have the right solution! Great job!

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