Orca Bay: Up To Date

I am still working along on the Orca Bay mystery.  I have completed step 5.  You can see my purple triangles on the left in my storage box.  I have all the steps there stacked neatly and waiting for the next step.

I had to cut strips for mine, so I used a similar organization technique to what I used for the long green strips, so that I varied what was sewn together.  I have incorporarted a lot of different purples (instead of blacks).  My yellows replace the blues and my greens replace the reds.  I still see a lot of purple and am having trouble seeing how the predominant color will be the green.  But that’s ok.  I’m using up my scraps, so that’s good.

For more progress report, visit Quiltville.


4 thoughts on “Orca Bay: Up To Date

  1. I should have read more about you BEFORE I posted! We spend time in NC. Our oldest son, his wife and 5 children live south of Raleigh so we travel that way fairly often to see them. Hope you are enjoying that beautiful state.

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