On the Street Where you Live

As I have mentioned, they are building a house across the street–almost done, actually.  They put up the mailbox last weekend.

Now, this house faces the side street, not my street.  The mail box is on my street.  However, I noticed the NUMBER on the mailbox is for the side street that that house faces, not the street that my house and their mailbox is on.  It is noticeable because the side street numbers are four digits long  (for example “4201”), whereas our street are only three digits long  (for example “433”).  I thought this was really weird, then taking a walk around the neighborhood, I found that there are lots of houses that have the mailbox on the side street instead of in front of their house.

Am I the only one that finds this weird?


3 thoughts on “On the Street Where you Live

  1. I’ve noticed the same where I live and have heard that when those houses were built, they had an option of what their address could be, either the street where they faced, or the street where the mailbox would be. Until I figured it out, it was difficult to find some houses/addresses. I don’t know what “rule” this is, but that clarifies the mystery in MY small town.

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