Stash Report 2011 – Week 49

I finally got my quilt machine fixed–it had a burr on the hook and the needle was not centered in the hole, so the whole needle bar assembly had to be moved.  The hopping foot and needle bar height were both also off.  Did not need that repair bill.

This week I did clue 2 & 3 for Orca Bay, as well as a tiny bit of cutting for another in-progress quilt.  I stopped at the quilt shop to buy some binding for the quilt that I had on the frame when I started having machine problems, but haven’t cut that binding and applied it yet.  I did finish the quilt and remove it from the frame, though.  So most of the usage came from Orca Bay quilt along.  That will most likely be the case for the remainder of the year.
Busted this Week:                 2.50
Busted year to Date:         190.25
Stashed this Week:                1.00
Stashed Year to Date:       137.50

Net Busted for 2011: 52.75 


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