The Reappearance of the Humidifier

Last year in our first winter here, I started to notice that my skin was dry.  Like sand paper dry.  After 18 years in South Carolina, this was new.  Seems there is always humdity there.  My husband purcahsed a digital hygrometer with a temperature and humidity readout.

Twelve.  Our guage read twelve on humidity.  With the new climate, we also have gas heat, and apparently that dries the air mor as well.  We ran to the store to purchase a humidifier and were only able to purchase (as apparently every one else addressed this earlier than us)  this big huge monster that could be heard from every corner of the house.  But it held 3 gallons of water and could pump that stuff into the room in no time flat.  Later we bought a smaller, albeit much, much quieter humdifier.  This spring we bought a duplicate of the smaller, quieter model.

This year, I got the <smaller> humifier out when I saw the guage go into the low 30s.  We have had a couple of rainstorms that have made the indoor humidity rise as well, and then I just turn off the humidifier.  I am hoping that the smaller humidifier, and its twin–who I have yet to unwrap the plastic from– will keep us from having to dig out the beast humidifier.  Current reading is in the mid-30s, which is fine for winter.  And my skin agrees.


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