Orca Bay: Size of Strings Dent

After step 2, on Bonnie’s blog she said that her strings didn’t even make a dent.  And I have been doing the stash challenge and trying to figure out how much yardage “didn’t even make a dent” is.  So here is my math:

  1. Average strip size was about 1.25 inches (if yours were bigger or smaller, you need to adjust this).  Finishes at .75 inches.
  2. So that means that 40% of my fabric is in seam allowance.  (.5 inches seam allowance/1.25 inch strip= .40 or 40%)
  3. Adjustment to the 40%.  Well, I was trimming a lot of triangles off the ends when I gave each string unit a haircut.  So let’s say that’s another 10% fudge factor.  [See my picture.  There is a tiny bit of purple and white in there, but most of this is from the strings.]
  4. Finished unit is 3.5 inches square, or 3.5 x 3.5 = 12.25 square inches
  5. Unit adjusted for seam allowances is 12.25 x 1.50= 18.375 square inches of fabric (including the seam allowances and cut off corners) per string block
  6. 72 units x 18.375=1323 square inches total fabric used in the string blocks.
  7. One yard of fabric at 42 inches wide is 36 x 42= 1512 square inches.
  8. So……….
    1323 square inches / 1512 square inches = .875  yard or   7/8 of a yard!

Wow, who’d have though we used nearly a yard for all those strings?


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