Stash Report 2011 – Week 47

This week’s report looks pretty darned pathetic.  I finished that quilt of valor top and back and put them on the frame–all in last week’s numbers. I have not been able to get that thing quilted.  Have gotten my machine out of adjustment, and try as I might, have not yet been able to get it back in adjustment.  Just keep breaking and breaking and breaking thread.  Yes, tried all the staples, re-threaded, changed needles, checked for burs, oiled, used silicone on the thread, re-timed (and re-timed and re-timed and re-timed).  I can’t count how many times I’ve retimed.  It looks perfect to me, picks up the bobbin thread, takes stitches anywhere from 2-12 inches, then thread breaks.  And back I go to the drawing board……  Went on Youtube and watched videos on timing, just in case I wasn’t doing it right.  Sure looks right to me.

Last night, my brother and his wife and kids came to visit for a day on their way to a vacation away.  Right now all are asleep–while I once again contemplate the thread breakage nightmare that was my life this last week.

I am still considering hosting the great “Gadget/Tool/Ruler” challenge of 2012.  Not really thinking anything strenuous–but we need to pull these things out of our drawers and put them to use, ladies!  What do you say, are you with me?  I’m thinking something on the lines of a UFO challenge.  Once a month, I’ll challenge you (and me, of course) to get out one of your preselected gadget/tools/rulers and use it.  I am going to find out what’s in the drawer this year!  And use some of it!  So while my guests are still sleeping, I am doing blogging and will post this now.  Here is my total lack of progress (due to the machine issue).   All I used was a little bit of fabric making a little Christmas decoration–not quite done, I’ll post pics later–for my daughter’s new apartment.  Did I tell you she moved Friday?  Yep, her and roommate not working out.  So the tiny bit of fabric I used isabout 1/4 yard. Sure, hope your report is better.

Oh and since next week is Thanksgiving and my daughter will actually be here, don’t be looking for a big number next week either.

Busted this Week:                   .25
Busted year to Date:        186.0
Stashed this Week:                0
Stashed Year to Date:      136.50

Net Busted for 2011: 48.50

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5 thoughts on “Stash Report 2011 – Week 47

  1. Have you tried changing to a different spool of thread? I had some breakage problems of my own a while back that went away when I switched to a different spool of thread (same brand, same color, same everything else)

    The gardget challenge sounds like a GREAT idea. I’m not sure if I have a dozen to try — but I’m probably deluding myself. 🙂

  2. Have you tried changing your needle? One time I tried a generic pack of needles that was supposed to fit my machine. It really threw my stitches out of wack with lots of loose thread on the bottom and breaking thread.

  3. Sorry to hear about your quilting woes! A challenge sounds like fun. I have 2 or 3 that I’ve not used. Although, it would take me more than a month to get anything over 16×20 inches completed! Maybe I could join in here and there.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I hope your thread breakage get resolved soon. Your challenge sounds interesting and fun, I’ll give it a shot and take your challlenge although it may be sporadic.

  5. I’m impressed with your “busted year to date” number. You’ve been doing a lot of quilting!
    The gadget challenge sounds like a great idea. I know I’ve got rulers I’ve never used.

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