2011 Stash Report – Week 44

Habitat for LizzieThis week was back to work <sigh>.  My work computer decided to be uncooperative, so I spent most of my evening hours trying to fix my work computer.  However I did get the binding done on two quilts–the quilt for my daughter’s apartment, which I chose to make a simple quilt in her green/orange/brown/yellow color scheme.  Actually, it was her roommate’s choice.  But earlier this week, my daughter called to say that she and her roommate are going their separate ways and she will be moving around Thanksgiving.  So, I guess this quilt will just be Lizzie’s.  Her roommate is very tall, so I made the quilt extra long.  It will be a great wrap up for Lizzie–she can spread out full length and pull it over her head.  If I have never mentioned it, my daughter is very petite–only 5’1″.  I am 5’5″, but admittedly am tall for the women in my family, and my husband’s family are also short.

The second quilt I finished was the T-shirt quilt.  I had finished making the top during the retreat –finished the T-shirt top at home and then took it along and added the two borders.  I got it on the frame Sunday and did some quilting this week in between computer disasters, then Friday sewed on the binding and started binding it.  I am quite pleased with the results.  It is simple, yet shows off the T-shirt motifs well.  I used a green batik for the background, gold batik for the inner border and sashing, and found a wide green batik for the backing.

I am not very pleased with my net usage this year.  I am going to try to get the net over 50 yards if possible…..but I know that will be a stretch!

Busted this Week:                   3.5
Busted year to Date:        172.25
Stashed this Week:                    0
Stashed Year to Date:      136.50

Net Busted  for 2011:  35.75

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5 thoughts on “2011 Stash Report – Week 44

  1. Love the first quilt, very fallish. Every fall I think I should make myself a fall quilt but then get busy with Christmas quilting and it never happens.

  2. Love the fall quilt – I am also short (5’2″) but I also like a longer quilt so I can be fully covered when I take a snooze on the couch.

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