Finished: Star Struck for Michelle

As I promised, here is a finished picture of the quilt I made for my son’s girlfriend Michelle.  She is a sweet girl.  Actually, she is 12 years older than my son, so I guess she’s not a girl.  But she has been very good for him.    I hope she likes the quilt.  It is 85 x 100, so  should make a nice cover for their bed.

In the blocks, the black is one continuous fabric, the reds and pinks were a batik collection.   If you look at it close, you’ll find an amazing variety of neutrals.  I did not have that many neutrals, so I swapped strips on a Yahoo group – Quiltville swap.  It was just what was ordered for this quilt.

I hope she likes it!


12 thoughts on “Finished: Star Struck for Michelle

  1. This is beautiful. She is going to love it. I have made a couple different variations of this quilt and they are so different by so pretty.

  2. What a wonderful quilt! Your use of black makes a strong design statement that balances the pinks so that the overall effect is not too frilly or “girlie” pink. Good job! Vic in NH

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