The Noise Starts Tomorrow

In the last two days, they have “delivered the house”  across the street.  The foundation was up last week, and the slab in the garage poured.    And then came the big flatbeds with the prefabbed walls and trusses.  What you see on the truck here is one load.  There were 3 loads, plus a load of concrete blocks (and since the foundation is in, I am not sure what those are for…..).  All that wood sitting there in 2 days of steady rain.  My brain is thinking warp, warp, warp.

From past experience, I am guessing that the house will be assembled (not built) by the end of the day Friday.  Which means that more than likely they will be roofing on Saturday to get the house under roof.  So I’m thinking I won’t get to sleep in Saturday.  I have also mentioned to the workers that the side street (about 50 feet in front of the truck) would be a great place to park–there is only one house on that entire street and it would block a lot less traffic.  So guess where they park.  You got it.  Right in front of my house.  In front of my driveway.  It’s like they have a page in that blueprint on how inconvenient you can make it for the neighbors.

On the quilting front, I was quilting away Sunday and ran out of thread… my longarm is occupied with a project I cannot finish.  More thread is on its way…..I really want to get that one done!  Also started a T-shirt quilt for a former coworker.  So how about you?  Making any progress?


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