Stash Report 2011 – Week 40

It is just too funny, but yesterday was at Mary Jo’s again.  Riding shotgun for a friend who was selecting fabric.  But what was funny was seeing a really unique car.  I got out and took a picture of it (cell phone camera so it did not come out well).  It said it was a Phantom on it and I immediately thought Rolls Royce.  But on googling Rolls Royce phantom, no, it doesn’t look like that.  But I did find the car.  It was a Johnson Phantom.  You’ll have to just google it to see what it looks like.  Anyway, it is a “kit car”.  That is, one of those cars where you drop the body over the chasis of another car.  My husband and his brother were doing that before we got married on another kit car–can’t remember the name of that car kit, but it looked something like a Delorean.  In white.  Before they made Deloreans.    They had it almost finished before his brother passed away, and then my husband and I finished it.

But I did manage to resist buying a bunch of fabric.  Only bought a little to add some variety to the quilt I am working on for my daughter.  On the use side, I worked on the quilt for my daughter, finished the border and binding for my son’s girlfriend’s quilt, and donated some fabric to another quilter for a project.  So I made a dent.

Busted this Week:                6.50
Busted year to Date:        159.00
Stashed this Week:              0.50
Stashed Year to Date:     119.50

Net Busted  for 2011:  39.50

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