Thinking About Security

I am back from my visit to my daughter in Louisiana.  As I mentioned, she was in the hospital and I flew in to “take care of her”.  Due to holiday and weather, I ended up arriving there at 2 a.m. and went directly to the hospital.  At the hospital I walked in and stopped at the front desk and asked where the elevators were.  Went up to my daughter’s room and stayed the night there.  When I got to her room and she was still up, she walked back out to the car with me to get something.  No one questioned our coming and going. 

This bothers me.  They didn’t ask me who I was there to see, who I was, what room, etc.  I could have ambled upstairs, found an empty patient room and sacked out.  Patient room doors do not lock.  Needless to say I did not feel safe and did not sleep well.  I felt much better staying at her apartment after she was released.

But the entire event leaves me pondering hospital (at least this hospital security).  I know I didn’t feel secure.


3 thoughts on “Thinking About Security

  1. Gadzooks! That is really scary. And on top of being worried about her. I honestly think that I could go to see anyone at our local hospital and nobody would stop me. Maybe they’re all like that.

    Nancy Rogers

  2. You have every right to be concerned and alarmed. I have worked in several hospitals over my thirty years as a nurse and I have problems entering the hospitals I work in! Our patients are not allowed off the unit without doctor’s orders so I’m concerned about your daughter leaving without notice. I think I would have a talk with the hospital administrator and express my concern!

  3. Regarding security – it’s the other way at our small hospital, even though we all know one another, the clerks, the security people. I work at a church, and frequenly need to FIND people who are injured, or get a room or ??? However, they will not tell me anything at all. The Minister has a special badge they can see and then they will cooperate. , but only if they SEE that badge. One day I had a sidewalk accident and had to go to Emergency Room to see if my jaw was broken.. From down the Hallway, came our friend Jon who wanted to know all about my injury (no big deal) but it’s all bizarre. Frequently the rumor mill tells us all about whoever had the accident, while the hospital won’t say a word! Wierd. You event is even MORE wierd – I would feel unsafe as well.

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