UFO I’m Working on…..or Not

Well Judy at Patchwork Times drew number 11 for our September UFO.  That was my Cuddle Quilt  and it is already done.  Hooray!   Unfortunately, I am still working on April and August’s UFOs.  Or rather (and more honestly) NOT working on them.  The Alligator quilt is still in exactly the same shape as it was in 2005.  The Hawaiian pillow has progressed a lot farther, and if I had decided to stay with the original pillow plan, it would be done, so I now find myself stuck again.  Funny thing–an alligator quilt and a Hawaiian pillow.  Both sound quite exotic, yes?

Last December when I made my UFO list, I had 13 things that could have been put on the list….that I could think of.  Right now there are 2 left from list.  There is 1 thing that I didn’t put on the list.   And I actually did do a lot of work on it.  I unquilted it.  It was over half quilted and I hated how it was turning out.   And then 2 more quilts I am currently working on.  Well, I’m working on 1.  The other is on my mind a lot.  So I would call that a lot of progress.

I have been reporting my stash progress.  Frankly, I’m not putting up huge numbers.  I still have to blame this on getting rid of a lot of things when we moved.  I have a much more compact stash than some people.

So…..as I most likely won’t be posting a finished picture this month of a UFO, accept this as my UFO update for September!


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