Sunbonnet Who?

I like to take walks around our neighborhood.  I have never been much of a hat wearer–winter or summer–but one day I wore one (because my hair looked awful) and found it actually FELT cooler wearing a hat.  Never being much for baseball hats, I found a beach hat that was light colored (which feels even cooler) and has a nice big brim, so I can keep the sun completely out of my eyes.  I bought it and I started wearing it on walks.  My daughter took one look at it and said “Mom, you don’t go out like that!”.

OK, I wear it only to keep the sun out of my eyes and face.  I was still happy with that.  My hat and I were making the neighborhood rounds for several weeks until my husband observed–you know, you look like that quilt pattern, you know, the little girl with the big hat.  UGH!  I have never been a fan of Sunbonnet Sue.  In fact, I particularly liked the quilt “The Death of Sunbonnet Sue”  I think my favorite was the hat hanging out of the alligator’s mouth.

Should I rethink my sunbonnet?


One thought on “Sunbonnet Who?

  1. Our daughters are our worse critics. It doesn’t take much on our part to embarress them. That also happened to me. However I chose to follow my grandmothers lead and enjoy wearing my favorite hat. Jjust as she wore hers, regardless of what her 3 daughters thought. That red hat made her happy. Your hat makes you feel cooler and comfortable. It does it’s job. Forget the image of Sunbonnet Sue (although I like her) and think Gone with the Wind. You might ask her if she’d like to take you hat shopping to see if she can buy you one she likes better, one that shades from the sun and feels cool.

    My grandmother lived to 99 years of age. She must have had a skin as think as a Rhinocerous because her daughters always seemed to have an opinion on what ever she did.

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