UFOs: Done and Done

I am declaring done two UFOs.  My Grandmother’s Choice.  I took this photo before I had the binding turned.  I didn’t feel like taking the photo again, but it is now done.  I am very pleased with my rendition of this old favorite.  I did it using Tri-recs tools  and revising the way it was pieced to avoid any inset seams.  The tradotion is for bright colors, and I think it looks great in these colors.

Also, I completed my “Hearts” project. This is one that I started years ago and got as far as cutting the pieces for a few rows.  Those pieces made their way into other projects along the way.  Then I took some of the scraps from Grandmother’s Choice, and started to make a sample piece.  Because I had figured out what I wanted to do with the hearts, but have not gotten the my design to work as I wanted.  Still haven’t.  I put this together and didn’t like it, so was going to put it on a tote bag or something.  Since I took some of the scraps I used for Grandmother’s Choice, it seems fitting that they grace the back.  It does add a bit of visual interest, anyway.

Reviewing my UFO list, that means I have marked 9 UFOs off the 2011 list so far.  Of course, I also keep starting new stuff, so I have at least two other things upstairs that I started this year that are now “UFO’s”.    August is going to be a busy month for me.  A major project comes due at work, moving my daughter to graduate school in Louisiana, my brother is getting married, and other assorted dramas, I am sure.

Hope you had a productive weekend!


7 thoughts on “UFOs: Done and Done

  1. Nice job balancing all the colors–it looks great. I love the back too (so appropriate to use those pieces) and your hearts are neat! Congrats on your finish!

  2. I love the bright colors! Though I’m not sure what you plan to use it for, it looks like it could make a great quilt for a youngster. Or an oldster that likes bright colors would work just fine, too!

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