A Dent? or a Hole?

After a weekend of what seemed like almost frenetic quilting activity, I had two complete tops done.  The Grandmother’s Choice (small, 45 inches square, not pictured yet), and the top from Ebony’s Quilt Along.  The Quilt Along was a great exercsie for using some of my Accuquilt dies. 

After completing both of these tops, I have to wonder if I’ve made a dent in your sewing pile, or just another hole that’s going to suck me back in.  Because while I am now quilting my Grandmother’s Choice and have visitions of “Done” dancing in my head, I’m looking at the Quilt Along and thinking it needs a border.   And a title.

My first thought for a title for this quilt is “I Used Green, Leave Me Alone”.  For years, people have enjoyed that I really hate green.  Over the years this has evolved from all greens to the point that now I can actually tolerate some greens.  For example, this quilt is mostly olive tones.  I can deal with that.  Give me a nice bright kelly or lime green and I become nauseated.  Nope, don’t know why, it’s purely visceral.    That, and perhaps it also has to do with the “frog in a blender” screen saver my kids had many years ago. 

So now, I’ve made this dent–or this hole.  Because now I think I have to add a border and make a back–or maybe buy a different back to match the border.  What to do next?


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