Stash Report 2011 – Week 30

This week I finished the ugly fabric challenge.  I made some pillow case dresses (using fabric for yolks, straps, and pockets), some more string blocks, and started working on a UFO–Grandmother’s Choice.  Fortunately none of the fabric for Grandmother’s Choice has been counted, so that gives me a big boost.  I took the Grandmother’s Choice fabric with me to quilt camp at the end of May, but didn’t work on it.  All the block pieces were cut and bagged–except the background, which I was cutting today. There is more than one pattern called Grandmother’s choice.  The one I am working on looks like the one I found on this blog, but what drew me to trying this pattern was to try to find a way to do it without the Y seams.  ‘Cause–you know–I just didn’t want to do the darned Y seams.  I just didn’t.

The great part (?) of this is that I had to revisit the pointy triangles.  I mean Peaky and Spike, so named by the late Doreen Speckman.  Another name for them is Triangle in a Square.  You know, I consider myself above average intelligence, but I don’t always do things the easy way.  Sometimes, it seems, I just have to bang my head against the wall until suddenly I think “Oh my, there’s a MUCH easier way”.  This is not true of all things in my life.  But it seems to be very true in my quilting life.  I remember one time finishing a quilt and being quite proud of it, when a friend said “Did you use X technique?”  I felt like banging my head against the wall.  I really can’t remember what the quilt was, but her method would have saved me hours, and a precious good bit of my sanity.  If only I had talked to her first……  But I digress.

Back to pointy triangles which are necessary to get the neat “ice cream cone” angle look in the Grandmother’s Choice.  I did one block trying to use a flip and sew method, but the rectangles ended up on the bias and that wasn’t what I wanted, and it didn’t quite look right anyway.  One time I taught a class and we used templates to make the  triangle in a square and it was fairly painful.  One of my students nicely told me that Tri-Recs tools made doing these triangles SOOOOO much better.  Well, I didn’t have any with me, so we did it my painful template way.  But a year or two later I found the Tri-Recs tools at Mary Jos and decided to give them a shot.  My student was right.  I don’t think less of her for mentioning it, just wish I had somehow consulted her before the class.

So this very rambling stash report is just to say that I have been doing some old mindless sewing (the string blocks) and also trying something new–trying to rework an old pattern, and re-learning a much easier way to make triangle in a square.

I also realized that a pattern I purchased came with a fat quarter of fabric–should have been in last week’s count, but declaring it now.  I slipped that in at the end of this post just to see if you were still reading.

Busted this Week:              3.5
Busted year to Date:      116.75
Stashed this Week:            .25
Stashed Year to Date:   98.5

Net Busted  for 2011:  18.25

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3 thoughts on “Stash Report 2011 – Week 30

  1. Sounds like lots going on at your house. I hate it when I realize I took the hard way, but you do learn something when you go that route. Great stash busing!

  2. I know they do. You’re right, may not be the right size. But the tri-recs tool worked really well.

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