10% Chance of Rain?

The heat here, like everywhere else, has been oppressive–three straight days of 90 + degree temperatures.  Heat index over 100.  Thursday we had a 10% chance of rain.  To my surprise, we had a sudden rainstorm that lasted over an hour.    This is what 10% chance of rain looks like.  The rain went through pouring, raining, and drizzling states for an hour. The plants and trees enjoyed it greatly.  Afterwards, the temperature jumped right back up to miserable with a humidity to match.

 This week I finished my little pillowcase dresses for Haiti or Africa.  I’m not sure where they are being sent.  This is a community outreach project where we are helping some local girl scouts get the dresses made and shipped.  On the first one, I thought an angled “racing stripe” would be cute (far right).  OK, that was horrible to do.  There’s probably an easy way to do it, but trust me, I didn’t do it that way.  And there is a hidden pocket in that stripe.  Once again, I’m sure I did that the hard way.

On the 2nd one  (the other blue one) I found it was so easy to add a yoke at the top that I did that on the next three.  The only other decoration I added was a square pocket on the 2nd blue one, a rounded pocket on the far left red one, and a hoodie sweatshirt-type pocket on the other red one.  Not much in the way of creativity, but certainly dresses that will be cool and comfortable. It made an interesting project for me because garment sewing is definitely outside my comfort zone!

What have you been doing to beat the heat?


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