So Many Turns!

It feels like life keeps taking more twists and turns lately.  My daughter’s fiance has moved out to his father’s and my daughter is awaLet's Play Tug!y for the summer working.  So for the 3rd time, we are empty nesters–except for these two.  Both of them must play tug at the same time–and preferably with mom.  Although, Carter, ham that he is, had to stop to smile for the picture.

We spent the 4th of July weekend at my mom’s and brother’s and sister-in-laws, catching up with them.  They held a wonderful family cookout on Sunday.  Although cooking was really the only thing that was out.  It was just too darned hot!  My brothers grandchildren found that it was great weather for running and playing outside though, but the rest of us pretty much wilted when we stuck our heads out of doors.

Then back home to our very empty house.  And back to work.  After a week of work, I am dying to get upstairs to my sewing loft.  What’s on schedule for your weekend?


2 thoughts on “So Many Turns!

  1. I need to bind a quilt I’m making for an Iraq vet who’s doing some work around the house, then I need to finish a demo I’m doing at my quilt group next month in disappearing 9 patch with a twist…a really neat technique, then I have fabric for three more quilts that will probably end up at Hospice.

  2. I spent a lazy morning in bed finishing the latest Janet Chapman novel and will be binding a quilt that I received back from Lynn Massa. She did a beautiful job quilting our latest mystery and I’ll put up a picture of it as soon as I finish.

    I’m also recovering from a back spasm which set in two days ago and hopefully will go away soon.
    Sharon Downey

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