Ack! Behind Again! Help!

I was upstairs in my sewing room when I realized–oh my gosh, it’s July!  That means I’m supposed to be working on another UFO.  Yes, it’s the 9th.  That means 8 days have passed and I didn’t even KNOW what UFO Judy at Patchwork Times had selected for me to work on from my UFO List.  Ack!  Behind Again!

So I ran downstairs and checked.  This month’s number is 2.  My “Hearts” project.  Well, sadly, I have cannibalized that one,  and I have this little test sample panel (about 14 x 14) that is done.  But really, really, ugly.  So……I’m thinking this one I’ll throw on the backing of another project and call it a day.  This UFO had never gotten beyond  cutting squares (which I used most of on Holiday Road and another Quilt of Valor).  But to be fair, I’ll ask for input from you.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Ack! Behind Again! Help!

  1. I take UFOs very literally. Unfinished Object. If it is finished into *something*, then it is no longer a UFO.

    I once turned a wall hanging into two tote bags, because it was too big to scrap, but not big enough to be what was intended. And I was sick of looking at it, but didn’t want to throw away all that work. So I “finished” something, and now it’s off my list & off my shelf. I say go for it.

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