Stash Report 2011 – Week 26

The camera is back!!  And it seems like I have nothing finished to take pictures of.  I tried the camera out on a walk.Passion Flower, May-Pop, Crucifixion Flower  I decided to cut across the field and came across these most unusual flowers.  Never saw one before.  I googled it and also asked a few friends.  I have come up with three different names for it:  May-pop, Passion Flower, and Crucifixion flower.

I tried to do some quilting on the longarm, but the thread kept breaking on a certain place every time the pattern repeated.  I thought it was the thread.  I changed thread.  Nope that wasn’t it.  The weird thing, though, is that when I tried to quilt on a practice sandwich, the thread did not break, but as soon as I went back to the quilt on the frame, it did.  So yesterday I re-timed the machine.  Now to be honest, I’m really good at cleaning, oiling, and adjusting.  But not so great at timing the machine.  I have never gotten it on the first try.  And many times I’ve had to have my husband assist.  But I timed it myself.  Two repeats and the thread broke.  <sigh>  Sat down and sewed some string blocks.  Then tried it again after dinner.  Same results.  <heavy sigh>.  Timed it again.    Went through a row and thread broke once.  Doubting self–obviously better results than the time before, but did the thread break for the same reason?  Or a different reason?  <sigh>  More string blocks.  A little too discouraged to try to figure out whether I needed to retime the machine again tonight.  Went to bed at 9:00.

So this morning, I cranked her up and sewed.  One row finished.  No breaking thread.  Second row.  Out of bobbin thread.  That doesn’t count as a breaking thread, even though the top thread broke.  Sometimes that happens when you run out of bobbin thread.  Don’t get excited about it.   Three, four, five, another bobbin.  Six rows!!!!  Did I time it correctly?  It seems so.  Should I get excited about it?  No, I think I’ll wait until after I get the quilt off the frame.  About 3 or 4 more rows to quilt.

I don’t know why I have been sewing the string blocks, except that they are mindless sewing and I guess that’s all I want to do right now.   You see, our nest is about to empty again.  My daughter is working at camp and is only home one day a week.  In early August she’ll moving about 14 hours away to grad school in Louisiana.  My son is about 4 hours away, finishing college and living with his girlfriend.  And my daughter’s fiance, who has been living with us these last two months, is going out to Colorado to live with his father for a while.  This is the third time our nest has emptied.  And probably this time it will be the most permanent.   And then there’s the day job–work has felt especially oppressive to the soul lately.  But without a job, what am I?  Jobs are how we identify ourselves right?  So it’s back to string blocks.

Busted this Week:              1.5
Busted year to Date:      106.25
Stashed this Week:            1
Stashed Year to Date:   98.25

Net Busted  for 2011:  8


4 thoughts on “Stash Report 2011 – Week 26

  1. The flower is beautiful! It is hard when the nest empties, I too have been thru it a few times and currently we have been empty for 2 months.

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