Stash Report 2011 – Week 25

This week was a busy work week for me, which means it was NOT a busy quilt week for me.  I made a few blocks and a bag.  I also volunteered most of my Saturday to sell tickets to our guilds raffle quilt at a nearby quilt show.  For my “cash box” I used a Click-it bag that I made this week.  I will say that the directions aren’t bad, but I won’t be using them again.  I didn’t like the clunky way she made the casing.  I found a better way, but the one I made was too narrow, so I’ll be revising my own method before making one again.  Again, one more time I just had to depart from a pattern…..

My daughter is off from work today and will be arriving home around lunchtime.  She is working at a camp and only gets one day off every week, so it will be good to see her.  And of course, today is Father’s Day.  I am remembering my dad, who left us 13 years ago this summer, and my grandpas.  And of course, to honor my husband, I am letting him sleep in!

Busted this Week:              1
Busted year to Date:      104.75
Stashed this Week:            0
Stashed Year to Date:   97.25

Net Busted  for 2011:  7.5


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